The Hong Kong Trampers are an informal group of friendly folks who meet on Sundays to explore Hong Kong's surrounding natural beauty that most people never see.
Our walks are FREE! Just turn up on the day!

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The Trampers' NEP Check



But wait!

This doesn't mean that anyone can join us. You are eligible only if you pass the Trampers' NEP check

    • NO Trace Left Behind (except footprints!) All Trampers must adhere strictly to this policy. This means that you are expected to remove all rubbish, and must not pick flowers or any plants or remove species from the walk.

    • ENSURE that you can finish the walk at a crisp pace. Check the boot rating of the walk and estimate your capability realistically.

  • PUNCTUALITY - Trampers must arrive at the meeting point of the walk no later than 10 minutes after the due meeting time.
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