Adding Your Own Photos



If you have your own photos from a particular walk, and have already uploaded your photo album online elsewhere on the internet (eg Facebook, Flickr or Picasa etc), you can click here to submit a weblink to your online album to tell us about it... but we would prefer it if you posted them onto the HK Trampers' Photo Album. That way the all the photos for a particular walk are all held in one central place as a reference for the Tramping community in the future.



  1. To post photographs, you need to be a registered user of If you haven't already done so, click here to create a user id.
  2. Sign on to the website.
  3. Click on Photo Album on the Main Menu at the top
  4. LOGIN to the Gallery (this is a new step).
  5. If this is your first time logging in to the Gallery, you will need to reset your password. Please read the instructions carefully in the following article: "Using the New Gallery"
  6. Once you have logged in to the Gallery, click on the year under which you would like to post the photographs.
  7. If the photo album for the walk already exists, click on the album and, once you are in, select "Add" -> "Add photos" from the top left pull-down menu.
  8. Otherwise, select "Add" -> "Add an album" from the top right pull down menu. 
  9. In the box that opens, enter the following:
    • Album Title: the date of the walk in the following format: eg Walk on Date Month Year (eg "Walk on 01st January 2012")
    • Album Description: a description of the walk, e.g. "Ma On Shan", "BBQ...", etc.
    • Album Directory: This sets the name of the folder on our server. Set it to the date of the walk in YYYYMMDD format.  For example, for a walk on 1 Jan 2005, the album name should be 20050101.  For A WALK on 10 September 2005, the name should be 20050910, etc.
    • Click "Create" to finish.
    • You can add tags to the album using the menu at the top, or the tag box on the sidebar of the page. Tags help people find photos easily in the future. For example, if the photo album was a mountain walk, the one of the tags could be "mountain", so that any future Trampers interested in seeing photo of walks in the mountains can find your album. Suggestions for other tags could be: "snow, rain, sunny, camping, BBQ, beach, lake" etc (the more tags you apply the more useful this resource will be in the future to everyone, including yourself)
  10. ADDING THE PHOTOS: You should see a message saying "There aren't any photos here yet! Add some.". If so, you can click the "Add some" link or alternatively you can click "Add" -> "Add photos" from the top left pull-down start adding photographs.  
  11. You can apply tags to all uploaded photos at the time of upload in this dialog box to. These are separate from the album tags, and these relate to the content for that particular image. Suitable tags could be "people's names (eg "Brian"), the name of precise location in the photo (eg "Lantau"), the activity in the photo (eg "kayaking") etc
  12. Click "Done" and that's it!

We know that sounds like a lot of work, but it is worth it, so that in years to come, you can look back and find all the photos you ever need.

Now, go have a beer. You deserve it!