Using the Photo Album


The HK Trampers' Photo Album is a one of a kind repository of HK photography capturing one and a half decades of HK's natural beauty as well as Tramper history. It's entirely made up of photos taken by Trampers during an HKT walk. So if you've taken photographs on a walk and would like to share them with us, please read on...

We've just got ourselves a shiny new gallery app for our photo albums! It still archives all of the thousands of photographs from the past 14 years, but it just looks a whole lot better. You can go straight in to view the photos and use its great new gallery features. BUT WAIT!...

There is, unfortunately, one small catch... the new gallery is a fully featured standalone application which has its own user database, which means that to upload or edit photos and albums etc, you have to login to the gallery, even if you're already logged in to the regular HKT website. A small price to pay for all the extra features though, right? BUT WAIT AGAIN!...

There's actually another small tiny wee little matter... which is... your password won't work! :)

But it's ok, (and here comes the science bit...) we had to manually input all the user data from the HKT database into the new Gallery database. So, although all the names, usernames and email addresses etc have all been transferred, the HKT passwords won't be recognised by the Gallery, as it uses a different method of password encrytion. Anywaaay...

Your password has to be processed by the Gallery app itself before it can be accepted. SO, the FIRST TIME you login, please follow the procedure below:



Procedure for first Login to Photo Album

1. Click "Login" (of course) at the top right of the screen

2. In the new login form that opens, click the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the instructions below to reset it.

3. In the 'Reset Password' dialog box, enter your Username and click "Reset"

4. The page should then refresh to the Main Gallery page and a message should briefly appear in the top right saying: "Password Reset Email Sent". If this is not what happens, manually refresh your page, and try it again.

5. Check your inbox for this email (it can take up to a minute or so to arrive). When you receive it, open it and click the link to complete the password reset. (MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE CORRECT LINK!)

6. If everything has gone as it should, you should now be back at the Gallery page where you will be asked to enter in your password. Please note that you don't need to change your old password. You can use the same password you've always used for the HKT website previously. You just need to re-enter it into the Gallery once using this method.

7. Once you've done this, you can now click Login (still at the top right) and complete the Login process (which is all you will need to do from now on.)

A final note: 
The Gallery application is brand new and still a work-in-progress by the developers, so you may encounter bugs in the code. Hopefully not. But if any of the above steps do not work as stated here, try that step again, and it should go through. And if it still doesn't, get in touch with use and we will try and remedy it. We'd like to apologise in advance for any possible future inconvenience. See how nice we are? :)

Anyway we hope you enjoy the new gallery as well as the new HKT website!

Please now take a look at some of the new features of the new HKT Photo Albums.



Photo Gallery Basics

Here are a few tips to get you started with some of the main features of the new gallery:

  • To get back to the Main HKT website from any page in the gallery, just click the green and white HKT logo.
  • To get back to the gallery homepage from any page, just click the red "photo album' logo.
  • When you view an album or sub-album, you can see a breadcrumb path at the top right of the page, which you can use to click back to any point in the path history.
  • You can view the albums at any time, but to add photos, or edit your own albums, you must login (even if you have already logged in on the main HKT website).
  • By default, the sidebar is on the right of the page, but at the top of the sidebar are a series of small icons.
    • the first icon allows you to see a slideshow of the photos.
    • the second icon is a 'ShareThis' button, which opens up a box containing links to social websites where you can share the page that you are on.
    • the third icon opens a calendar, where you can choose a date to see all the photos taken on that date.
    • the fourth icon provides you with various types of code enabling you to link to the page that you are on.
    • In order from left to right, the last 4 links allow you to move the sidebar to the left ot the page, to the top, remove it completely or move it to the right  (which is the default selection).
  • The sidebar itself has a number of boxes (or "modules").
    • At the very top of the sidebar is an 'Album Tree' which is a drop down list allowing you to quickly jump to any album or sub-album in the gallery.
    • The next module contains some basic info regarding the album which you are looking at.
    • The "Popular Tags" module contains a tag cloud of the most popular tags. Clicking on a tag will take you to apge displaying all albums and photos that have that tag. (We suggest that you add as many relevant tags as you can to any photos and albums you upload. It makes it much easier to find photos of similar content).
    • The 'Random Image' module is self-explanatory.
    • When viewing an individual image, the 'Download Photo' module will appear which has a button that will permit you to download the Fullsize version of the photo.
    • The "Link to This Page" module, does the same thing as the icon at the top which provides you with various types of code enabling you to link to the page that you are on. You can choose from HTML links (to embed in websites or articles), BBCode links (which are used by many blog sites on the internet), or the simple URL (if you want to email it to someone or need it to create a link in another website).
    • The 'Calendar' module is related to the Calendar icon mentioned above, however, the module here just gives you the option to see more photos/albums for the relevant month.
    • The 'RSS Feeds' allow select which feed you would like to use to keep up to date with new comments/photos/albums as they are posted in the gallery.
    • Finally there is a 'Google +1' module which allows you to share the current page with yor Google +1 account. The only reason it is added here is because Google +1 is not included in the 'ShareThis' icon mentioned above.

We hope this helps you get a quick understanding of the main features in the gallery. But there are other feature too, for example the 'Favourites' feature, which is worth mentioning in more detail below.



The 'Favourites' Feature

At the top left of each album or photo you should see a black star. Click it to add the album or photo to your list of favourites (the star should turn yellow if done correctly). This list is not saved forever. It only lasts for as long as you are logged in for the current session.

However, what you can do is click the big blue star called "View" in the top right corner. It will take you to a page where you can view all your favourites on one page. 

You can then click the big star in the top right corner again (which now should say "Save") which will then open a form where you can send a link to this list by email, either to your friends or someone else.

Useful? We hope so...



Once you're logged in

If you're already registered with the main HKT site, and have followed the steps above ("Procedure for First Login to Photo Album"), then you can login to the Photo Album and do the following:

  • Leave comments at the bottom of albums or photos. Comments can be made using the standard comments system, or a separate Facebook comments box below it.
  • An 'Add' link will appear in the menu at the top left. You can use this to add photos in the existing album you are in, or if you are viewing an album list, you can add a new album. (read the article "Uploading Your Own Photos" for more information on this).
  • An 'Album Options' link will also appear there. You can use this to enable the 'Album Notifications'. Once enabled, then you will be notified by email to any changes, for example: new photos or sub-albums added, amended or removed, or newly added comments etc. Enabling notifications only applies to that individual page where you clicked the link, not to any sub-albums of that page. If you wish to receive notifications for the sub-albums then you will need to enable notifications for each one separately.

Anyway, that's it for now. We hope you enjoy the all-new HKT Photo Albums' Gallery!