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Saying Goodbye to Our Country Parks


The Chief Executive has referred the map of the Clear Water Bay Country Park to the Country and Marine Parks Authority to excise an area of 5 hectares for the extension of the South East New Territories landfill.

Summer Sojourn in California


Eureka! by Donna Elliot         

Besides Neil and I, there are some 37 million others who call California “home”.  This makes it the USA’s largest State by population.  However, there are wilderness areas where people rarely tread

Proposal for Night walk on 10th September 2006


1. In light of the summer heat and humidity, I am proposing a Night Walk on 10th September 2006 (Sunday). The idea of a night walk comes from a bittersweet experience --- see the walk report for the walk on 28th May 2006. It will be a real night walk, and my initial idea is that we'll meet at 12.15am

We are in Wikipedia


I have made 3 or 4 treks with the Trampers, and I have fond memories. I was reading the Wikipedia article about "Tramper" and thought that your web site would be an excellent reference, so I included it. See this link:

Hope to see you again soon,
B Morch
San Diego, CA.... USA