Farewell Party for Karl and Rosi on Saturday, 8 April 2006


The following verses from a classical Chinese poem will befit this farewell:-

                            ﹡柳永 詞﹡

  1. As many of you may have known, Karl and Rosi will leave Hong Kong for good in April in search for greener pasture.  All regular Trampers will surely agree that this Tramper couple do deserve a good farewell, as ever since they joined our group, Karl has led many of the walks (95% were three booters, and they were all very good three booters).
  2. When trampers were planning a farewell for Karl and Rosi, this couple said they prefer a casual BBQ and specifically ‘instructed' me to organise it at the place in Aberdeen, my hideout which they say they love so much.  What could I say to this wonderful couple apart from "Yes, sir." and "Yes madam", even though the place would have been fully booked by other people this time of the year?  I just had to make an emergency excuse to slot Trampers into the booking list.
  3. So it would be a BBQ farewell for Karl and Rosi, in the evening on Saturday, 8th April, in the same secret den in Aberdeen.  Food (salad and meat) and drinks (beer, softs and wines) will all be arranged.  If you want to take this opportunity to say farewell to this couple, please let me know before Thursday, 6th April so that I can arrange enough food and drinks.  Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone me on 60xx-xxxx to register your interest.  I'll then let you know the venue address and how to get there.
  4. As in the BBQs before, we'll share the cost of the food and drinks, and the cost of the people whom I will hire to arrange all the food/venue set up/chores and to clean up the place/dishes after the party.  The venue owner charges a fee for use of the venue.  We'll share this cost as well.  The cost should be around $100 per person (excluding beer and wine).
  5. Rosi says she loves dancing and would love to dance (on fire??) that night, and so if any tramper would like to have the last tango (a three booter tango) with youthful, energised Rosi that night, you should start practising now.
  6. If you can make it, do come and enjoy the time with Karl and Rosi.