Help save HK's trails


You may have recently received an email titled 'Save Our Trails' :  this email was instigated by a group of concerned hikers, runners and bikers who have become increasingly disillusioned by the on-going destruction of Hong Kong's natural trails, by the over use of concrete, metal handrails and other types of development that is essentially urbanising our country parks.

From this one email we sent out we have had a lot of positive feedback from other concerned individuals. This has convinced us that we must go forward with the campaign.

I' m writing to you in the hope that you may want to help and support us in our cause. We really want to try and get as many groups as possible involved and are approaching all sectors of the community.

We are now seeking support from larger organisations such as The WWF, Friends of the Earth, Sai Kung Association, Green Lantau Association, Green Peng Chau, Civic Exchange, and interested politicians to help to bring the issue in front of the correct decision makers within the government. Without high ranking support I fear that our voices no matter well intended will not be heard.

Ideally your involvement would be as co-signees to any documents that we will be sending to government officials or giving us advice on how and who to lobby. The more groups that are involved the greater the chance that thegovernment will listen.

We are also trying to increase media support, to date we have had press coverage in The South China Morning Post, offers of coverage from Action Asia and Discovery Hong Kong Magazine and a documentary called ‘Right to complain’ on a Chinese Cable TV channel. Currently we are soliciting local press involvement.  Please see attached our original email that was sent out and a proposed letter that is due to be sent  hope that your support will be forth coming and you will help us to ' keep the trails dirty'


Shaun Horrocks & Brandon Kirk