Party to celebrate the establishment of HKSAR on 1st July, 2006

  1. Trampers will be celebrating the birthday of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region in the evening on 1st July (a public holiday) in a secret corner in Eastern District on Hong Kong Island (easily accessible by public transport).
  2. The birthday party will be a mini buffet. Salad, veggie, meat and curry will be served.
  3. Those who are interested in joining the party should email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone me on 60xx-xxxx before 5.00 pm on Friday, 30th June, 2006 to register your interest so that I can arrange enough food and drinks.  We’ll share the cost of the food, which should be around $100 per head (excluding alcohol).
  4. Beer, wine, and gin will be served over the bar top. Those male trampers who will consume alcohol will be charged $90 on top the food, and female trampers will be charged $60 (Sorry for the difference; I am a sexist). However much you will drink in the night (whether half glass of wine or ten bottles of beer), you will be charged the respective standard price. The bar will not close until the first light in the morning and so you can drink till daybreak, and you will only be charged the same price.
  5. "Whether you are a white cat or a black cat, as long as you get drunk that night and can still join the walk the following day, you are a good cat"--- Adopted from a saying of the late Deng Xiaoping, with modification.     So, irrespective of your political convictions, you are all welcome.  Followers of Karl Marx/Mao Zedong (white cats) and Adam Smith (black cats) can all come and raise glass to Deng, without him we might not be able to use this SAR birthday as another excuse to get drunk!!  
  6. I’ll let you know via email (close to the day) the venue and how to get there after you have registered your interest.