Proposal for Night walk on 10th September 2006

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Published on Tuesday, 29 August 2006 08:00
Written by Francis
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1. In light of the summer heat and humidity, I am proposing a Night Walk on 10th September 2006 (Sunday). The idea of a night walk comes from a bittersweet experience --- see the walk report for the walk on 28th May 2006. It will be a real night walk, and my initial idea is that we'll meet at 12.15am

(no kidding, I mean 0015 hours in the morning) on Sunday10th September 2006 at Quarry Bay MTR station and start walking on the eastern part of Hong Kong Island. The walk will finish at around 7.00am in the Sunday morning.

2. My plan is that we will walk up to the top of a hill/mountain by around 5.00am so that we can sit and watch sunrise (if it is not cloudy) before heading home for a good sleep.

3. The walk will not be a difficult one. For some parts we'll be walking on concrete close to Tai Tam Reservoir. I would give it a two boot rating.

4. If you are interested in this night walk, please indicate your interest to me before noon (12.00pm) on Friday, 8th, September 2006. You can email me to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call my mobile phone 60xx-xxxx.

5. Note that this night walk will only proceed if there is sufficient interest amongst trampers and there are a reasonable number of male members who will join. If it is decided that the Night Walk will proceed, I'll post up the itinerary and details in the early afternoon on Friday, 8th, September 2006.