Congratulations Dean!

2005_05_24_Sophie_11.jpg Dear Friends,

Polly and I are very happy to announce a new addition to our family -- Sophia Elisabeth Missikowski -- who, after some games of hide and seek a few days earlier, decided on Monday May 23rd at 9:05 pm that the time was right to make a 3.5 kg entrance into the world. Both mom and Sophie are home now and doing fine.

We hope we will have a chance to see or hear from you again soon.

Warmest regards,
Dean, Polly, Quinlan and Sophie

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A Tramper on stage

Last Sunday, I mentioned that I was to perform in a family show this coming Sunday and Tuesday. Some of the Trampers asked me for more information about that. Here is the e-mail from the director:

News from Cristina & Lewis

Cristina.jpg Dear friends,

We have good news, we are expecting a baby girl in August.  We just knew it was a girl last week so all her clothes are either blue or white.

We spend our weekends looking at toys, cots, buggies and prams.  If you are planning to come to Belgium, now is the right time before sleepless nights start!!

    Cristina and Lewis

Farewell to Dixie and to Patrizia

Both Dixie and Patrizia are leaving Hong Kong this week, Dixie to take up a job in Sidney, and Patrizia back to Munich, via Cambodia and Vietnam. Dixie has offered her bathtub in Sydney for any trampers who want a firm mattress to sleep on (in) and I did warn her about the strange people she would meet downunder. Two of them founded the Hong Kong Trampers, so what more evidence is needed? And Patrizia, well anyone who could actually enjoy getting completely lost in thick jungle is obviously a born tramper. We will miss you both.