Rules for Participants of Walks


Important! Please make sure you read the DISCLAIMER and  this rules before you come to a walk with the HKTrampers! Thanks.


Bring all the usual things, for example:

FOOD At least a lunch (and perhaps some fruit and a few high energy snacks - walking can be hungry work!)
WATER You know yourself how much you will need (at least 2 litres is ideal but during summer 3 litres or more is highly recommended.
TORCH At least a small one (and if your batteries are not new, bring some spare ones).
SUN BLOCK Protect your skin from Sun burn.
MOS SPRAY Protect you from Mosquitos, especially in the Summer.
RAIN GEAR A foldable lightweight waterproof at least (especially if weather looks dodgy!).

Bring anything else that you personally think you will need (tissues, a warm hat, scarf etc), and remember to wear decent walking boots. And if you are new to HK Trampers, then please read our FAQs (see top of right sidebar)


If it is raining hard or thunderstorms are threatening, the walk might be cancelled. If in doubt, call the Trampers hotline 8209-0517 in the morning.


(1) Please note that walks are unpredictable, and may finish later than the appointed time due to unforseen reasons. The duration given on top of this walk proposal is only a rough estimate.
(2) We may have to walk longer than the estimated time and so there is a possibility that we’ll walk in the dark (i.e. after sunset). It is prudent that you bring a torch (and a few spare batteries just in case) with you to this walk.

Who should not come?

The following people should not join this walk:
  1. Those who do not meet the Boot rating for the walk - (click here or the Boots image above to learn about our 3 Boot rating system)
  2. Those who do not fulfill our NEP Check - (click here to learn about our Nep Check)
  3. Those who are not prepared to help out in chores, as we are all volunteers, and so cannot be expected to do everything required for the walk. Therefore, you may be called upon to assist with the chores during the walk (Generally speaking, this is usually basic tasks such as doing a headcount of the group etc).
  4. Those who do not wish to take any/little risk in outdoor activities (e.g. being lost and stranded in the mountains). Walks are unpredictable and therefore carry an element of risk.
  5. Those who have a tendency to grumble about things that do not turn out the way they want them to. It's not a good attitude to bring to a walk, as quite often things do not go as planned.


People join this walk and any other walks organised by me, or via HK Trampers, at their own risks. Neither the walk organiser, nor HK Trampers, nor anyone involved with HK Trampers, shall be held responsible in any way for any injury, death or loss incurred, or for damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence, neglect, errors of judgement and inadequate orientation skills on the part of the walk organiser, HK Trampers, or anyone involved with HK Trampers. Any parties who show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk will be deemed to have agreed to and unconditionally accepted this disclaimer.

Now that all that's been taken care of, we hope to see you at the walk and have some fun!