Walk on 27 July 2014 - Shui Lo Chu Pools, Lantau Island [大嶼山 水澇漕石澗]



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Tung Chung MTR [東涌] >Keung Shan [羌山] > Shui Lo Chu Pools [水澇漕石澗]

> Tai O [大澳] Tung Chung [東涌]


14 km


Lowest: 0m
Highest: 480m

* duration excludes travelling time



Disclaimer: People join this walk and swim at the rock pools at their own risks.  I am an volunteer convening this hiking and I shall NOT be held responsible in any way for any injury or death incurred or any loss or damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence, neglect, errors of judgment and inadequate orientation skills on my part.  The fact that you show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk is an implication that you have agreed to and accepted unconditionally this disclaimer.

Please inform your family members when and where you are going and expected time of return.  For visitors to Hong Kong joining this hike, please also leave similar message with the hotel/guest house counter. 


This Sunday we will meet at 10:30am - Tung Chung MTR  station near the big map between Exits A&B. We will then take a bus to reach the start of the trail..

There are couple of ascents before we reach the turn off for the Shui Lo Chu Pools. The rock pools are less frequented and there are several levels. The top tier is just awesome place for a swim and the pools should be quite full after the downpour this week. To get there is a bit of rock scramble and the path is not clear so please come prepared. What with all the rain, the footing is bound to be slippery and extreme care is essential..

We will end the hike in Tai O. Do carry swim gear if you want a dip and change of clothes. Please also bring the trampers rucksack essentials PLUS an adventurous spirit!

If it is raining or threatening to rain (thunderstorm warning), the walk will still go ahead but we will hike on another part of Lantau. If in doubt on the morning of the walk, call 8209-0517. And remember -- don't be late! The ten minute waiting rule applies.

Remember to bring all the usual gear, in particular lots of water at least three litres, good shoes, sun block and a hat. Also, bring some lunch for along the way.


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And please make sure you read, understand and accept the walk RULES below!




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