Walk on 17 August 2014 - Wong Lung Hang Stream [黃龍坑石澗]



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Tung Chung Station [東涌站]>

Wong Lung Hang Stream [黃龍坑石澗]>

Sheung Tung Au [雙東坳]>

Mui Wo [梅窩] or Tung Chung [東涌]




10 km


Lowest: 0m
Highest: 756m

* duration excludes travelling time


People join this walk at their own risks. I shall not be held responsible in any way for any injury or death incurred or any loss or damage to personal property caused due to whatever causes including, but not limited to, negligence, neglect, errors of judgment and inadequate orientation skill on my part. The fact that you show up at the time and place on the day to join the walk is an implication that you have agreed to and accepted unconditionally this disclaimer.

Warning:  This stream trekking is really a 3 boot hike (maximum rating in Trampers), exclusively intended for seasoned hikers with good experience in rock climbing, hopping across large boulders, and bush whacking. They join the hike at their own risk and shall not be afraid of rock cliff climbing / height / bush whacking.  Pair of gloves and shoes/sandals with non-slip soles are required.


This is a 3 boot hike.

We will meet at 10:30am - Tung Chung MTR Station Concourse at exit B. 

Wong Lung Hang has three magnificent waterfalls and a relatively serene pool surrounded by boulders and greenery. We will walk from the Tung Chung station to the base of the stream.  From there, we will do some boulder hopping along the stream for one hour then we will reach the pool and will stay there for a swim to cool us down.

After the stream trekking, we will go towards Sheung Tung Au. There is then the choice to decend to Mui Wo or return to Tung Chung via Wong Lung Hang Country Trail.

Please note any careless monkey business can result in all kinds of injuries, so we are going to behave well and act like tamed monkeys.   Once again, this hike is 3 boots, and not for the faint- hearted.

Please bring the trampers essentials -- sunscreen lotion, hat, lunch and snacks, plenty of water, torch, swimmers and a sense for adventure. Other things to use shall include non-slip shoes suitable for stream trekking and a pair of thick gloves. Part of the route involves some bush whacking and long trousers are desirable.  Clothes / sandals etc to change after reaching Mui Wo or Wong Lung Hang Trail are also recommended. 


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And please make sure you read, understand and accept the walk RULES below!




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