Walk / Swimming / Snorkelling on 31 August 2014 - Crescent Island [娥眉洲]


Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Wong Shek Pier [黃石碼頭] >Speed Boat > Crescent Island [娥眉]> Speed Boat > Wong Shek Pier [黃石碼頭]


About 5 km [coastal walks]


3-4 hours


Minus 1 m to 120 m

* duration excludes travelling time

PLEASE NOTE, READ and UNDERSTAND  the DISCLAIMER and other advice / warnings posted in this website for participants to this Activity.  You are deemed to have ACCEPTED unconditionally the DISCLAIMER and other warnings posted for this Activity.

Subject to weather, a 1.5 BOOT hiking is proposed for 31 August 2014 in Crescent Island [娥眉洲in Double Haven Marine Park [印洲塘海岸公園]. 

We will meet at 9:15 am at the entrance of the Wong Shek Pier and share cost of speed boat to Crescent Island, leaving at 9:30am. So please arrive on time as we will NOT wait for late comers.

The island is reknowned for corals and other sea creatures and is suitable for snorkelling [浮潛].  We may also have coastal walks around the Island to look at some of the weir rock formations.  

To go to Wong Shek Pier in the morning, please take bus 96R at Transport Interchange Diamond Hill MTR Station in Kowloon and you may just sit on the bus until the last stop.  Journey time is about 70 minutes under normal traffic conditions. However, traffic is heavy in Sundays in summer at Sai Kung and 90 minutes journey time is not unusual.

At about 4:30 pm, the speed boat will bring Trampers back to Wong Shek Pier where there are toilets available right next to the bus terminal and you may wish to bring clothes to change after the walk.

Early exit will NOT be available. 

A speed boat can take 16 persons and the likely fee for the ride is about HK$150 per head round trip, depending on the number of Trampers who will ultimately turn up.  If you are  interested to participate, please leave a message in Trampers in Facebook, as we may only allow a total of 16 persons in one speed boat.  If over 16, two trips may be needed. We need to inform speed boat operator by Friday 29 August 2014. 

Please bring the usual stuff plus pair of thick gloves and long trousers  as some bushwhacking will be involved for those interested in coastal exploration around the island.  Rock hopping / sea wading is expected along the coast and sturdy non-slip shoes suitable for  rock hopping / sea wading is required.  If you  wish to swim/snorkel, please bring your floatation vests / fins / goggles / watertight enclosure for your camera.

There is no shade at the sea shore nor shops.  So plenty of water / drinks,  lunch, sun glasses, towel, sandals, hat, umbrella, sun block, torch, insect/mosquitoes repellant and rubber or grass matt are a MUST.  

In case of doubt, please call Trampers hot line 82090517 in the morning of 31 August 2014.

Information on Double Haven Marine Park is: http://www.geopark.gov.hk/en_landforms1i.html


CRESCENT Island is NOT a gazetted place for swimming and there is NO life guard nor paramedic for emergencies. Mobile phones may be out of reach as you will NOT be able to connect to any Hong Kong mobile phone networks. Tidal currents, waves and sea are unpredictable and Trampers (even professional swimmers and divers) would therefore swim / snorkel at their OWN RISKS.


Below are photos of  some of our "friends" living in Crescent Islands, taken on 21 July 2012 and all were returned to its home afterwards. It is two years since Trampers went there. Not sure if there is any major change to the marine life there!

First photo - sea cucumber [海參].

Second photo - sea urchin [海膽]

Third Photo - Unknown, NOT sure what are these called?




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