Walk on 21 September 2014 - Hau Tong Kai [猴塘溪], Sai Kung West Country Park [西 貢 西 郊 野 公 園]



Location Distance Duration Elevation Difficulty

Pak Tam Chung Bus Terminal [北潭涌巴士站>

Hau Tong Kai  [猴塘溪] > Cheung Sheung [[嶂上]


About 10 km

6 hours
(11am to 5pm)

Lowest: 80m
Highest: 360m

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* duration excludes travelling time


PLEASE NOTE, READ and UNDERSTAND  the DISCLAIMER and other advice / warnings posted in this website for participants to this stream trekking.  You are deemed to have ACCEPTED unconditionally the DISCLAIMER.
We’ll do a two-boot stream trekking (weather permitting) this Sunday, 21 September 2014 in the Sai Kung West Country Park, New Territories.

We’ll meet at 10.30 a.m. at the Pak Tam Chung Bus Terminal [北潭涌巴士站] and we will take taxi  to the starting point of the walk - Hau Tong Kai [猴塘溪] in Hoi Ha Road [海下路]. This stream is attractive to hikers as there are a few sizable pools for swimming.  The stream trekking will continue for about 2.5 - 3 hours and then we will go to Cheung Sheung [嶂上].  After a short break, we will walk in a southerly direction along Section 3 of the Maclehose Trail until the junction of the Pak Tam Chung Country Trail. We will end the walk at Pak Tam Chung. 
Please bring swimming gear / google / clothes + sandals to change after the walk / pair of thick gloves  / insect repellant   / non-slip shoes suitable for stream trekking. Wearing of long trousers are also recommended.
To go to Pak Tam Chung, you may choose to take bus 96R from Diamond Hill MTR station public transport interchange. Journey time is about 90 minutes during Sundays in summer. Details can be seen in bus company website.


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